Tactical Movement and Clearing Course
T-MACC was created because we have seen a decline in basic movement, searching and clearing techniques in search teams. T-MACC is designed to refresh those fundamental perishable searching skills (without a dog) as well as develop more advanced searching skills to enhance officer safety.

T-MACC is for ANY law enforcement officer who may be part of a search team, this would include new police recruits, patrol officers, reserve patrol officers, handlers, detectives, correction officers and new SWAT operators who have not been to SWAT school.

K9’s are a very important locating tool and should be utilized whenever possible. However, a lot of search teams depend too much on their dogs and forget how to move safely through a building to clear what the dog has already searched. A room or area is never clear until a human searches it, that’s why we devolved T-MACC.

T-MACC will emphasize the importance of angles, areas of responsibility, communication, different team movements, clearing and arrest techniques, as well as identifying hidden threats for search teams in a more concentrated effort to improve officer safety.


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