CAnine Tactical School
After searching with SWAT I felt there should be very little difference in the way a patrol K9 team searches for a suspect verses when SWAT and K9’s search for a suspect. I discovered there were no K-9 classes that taught these search tactics. So I designed CATS, which stands for CAnine Tactical School.

CATS is for handlers and K9’s that need a little help before they train with their departments SWAT team. CATS is also for patrol K9 teams that don’t have a SWAT team, will never search with a SWAT team and need a class to improve their officer safety and searching techniques.

The same techniques that are taught at S.K.I.D.D.S. are taught at CATS.

Open to all sworn police officers and military police who are currently members of their departments K9 unit or SWAT team. SWAT and K9 supervisor are encouraged to attend.


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