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K9 Tactical Operations for Patrol and SWAT

For those that have a misconception as to how beneficial K9’s can be in a high-risk patrol or SWAT operation this book is for you. You will learn how to utilize your dog to find the suspect quicker, yet safer, while maintaining your tactical advantage and officer safety. You will learn what to look for during your selection of a Tactical SWAT dog as well as the handler. Learn how a properly trained patrol dog and the handler can be utilized during a in a high-risk patrol and SWAT operation when it comes to tracking, barricaded suspects, approaches, entries, blind corners, room clearing, hallways, stairs, attics, crawl spaces, vehicle assaults, arrest techniques and even in a gas environment.

K9 Tactical Operations will greatly benefit handlers, SWAT operators, and patrol officers. K9 Tac Ops has already been reviewed and endorsed by SWAT and K9 trainers from across the United States.

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K9’s in the Courtroom

K9’s in the Courtroom will teach you how to bullet proof your K9 unit, create a successful K9 unit and what you need to do to help minimize and hopefully avoid a K9 civil lawsuit.  We will also discuss K9 announcements and how to write a great K9 use of force report for both the DA’s office and possible civil litigation later.  If the lawsuit still comes you will be much better prepare and ready to defend against the lawsuit.

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K9 TacOps T-Shirt

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K9 TacOps Challenge Coin

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