S.K.I.D.D.S. and CATS is a unique and one-of-a-kind K9 and K9 SWAT school. S.K.I.D.D.S. and CATS is designed to educate and train both canine handlers, SWAT and Tactical Teams on the deployment of police dogs in a SWAT Operation. During S.K.I.D.D.S. and CATS you will participate in numerous stealth entries, live gunfire and simmunition scenarios. Teams will learn the latest canine searching methods, deployment and arrest techniques.

Determine how your police dog functions and how they can be used to assist SWAT during a SWAT deployment as well as in a standard patrol K9 search operation. Acquire the knowledge to select the proper police dog for your SWAT Team. Train as a team under realistic conditions before you are called out for a real deployment. Attend a Liability Seminar on “Failure To Train” by Attorney Gene Ramirez.

Most of the training courses you attend as a police officer occur inside a classroom and require no physical exertion. This course will differ greatly because 70% of the class will be outside of the classroom doing practical application exercises. For those that do not understand canines and have misconceptions as to just how beneficial canines can be to a SWAT Team, S.K.I.D.D.S. is the answer.

Since the first S.K.I.D.D.S and CATS course in 1997 over 500 departments from 38 different states and 4 countries have sent over 4,000 hundred SWAT and canine officers through S.K.I.D.D.S. and CATS

California agencies who have attended S.K.I.D.D.S. & CATS:
Alameda County, Anaheim, Amador Co SD, Banning, Benicia, Brea, Beverly Hills, Cathedral City, Carlsbad, Chico, Chino, CHP, Culver City, Concord, Costa Mesa, Cypress, Daly City, El Monte, Escondido, El Segundo, Elk Grove, Fresno, Fresno County Sheriff’s, Fremont, Folsom, Fullerton, Gardena, Gilroy, Glendora, Hawthorne, Huntington Beach, Indio, Irvine, Kings Co, Lompac, Los Angeles County SD, Lodi, Los Angeles Housing Authority, Livermore, Merced Co, Newark, Newport Beach, Oakland, Oceanside, Ontario, Orange Co SD, Oxnard, Pacifica, Palm Springs, Pinole, Placentia, Placerville, Pleasanton, Pleasant Hill, Pomona, Rialto, Riverside, Roseville, San Bernardino, Salinas, San Diego, Santa Cruz Co, Santa Monica, Stockon, Santa Ana, Shafter, San Francisco, San Joaquin, Simi Valley, Sunnyvale, Sacramento Co SD, Sacramento PD, Solano, Torrance, Tustin, USBP Bortac, Walnut Creek and West Covina.

Out of State and Country SWAT and K9 handlers from:
Arizona; California; Colorado; Connecticut; Delaware; Florida; Georgia; Hawaii; Idaho; Illinois; Kansas; Louisiana, Maryland; Maine; Massachusetts; Michigan; Minnesota; Missouri, Mississippi, Nevada; New Mexico; New Hampshire; New Jersey; New York; North Carolina; Oregon; Pennsylvania; Rhode Island, South Carolina; South Dakota; Texas; Utah, Virginia; West Virginia; Wisconsin; Washington State; Washington, DC, Australia, Brazil, Canada,  and Costa Rica.

If traveling to the west coast would not be possible, S.K.I.D.D.S. and CATS can be taken on the road. We can modify the course to meet your department’s needs. We can even gear the class exclusively for canine handlers.