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Canine Tactical Operations & Consulting

Since 1997  I’ve provided Expert Witness Testimony and consulting to attorneys and cities in criminal and civil cases regarding K9 Patrol and K9 SWAT deployments. I also provide consulting services to law enforcement on K9 related issues such as: dog and handler selection, oral boards, training, report writing, policy, case law, use of force, deployment tactics for K9 patrol deployments and K9 SWAT operations.

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S.K.I.D.D.S. – SWAT & K9’s Interacting During Deployment School

For my Master Instructor project in 1997 I designed the only California POST certified SWAT and K9 course, which brings SWAT and K9 teams together for organized training. The class is called S.K.I.D.D.S. which stands for Swat & K9’s Interacting During Deployment School.

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CATS – CAnine Tactical School

After searching with SWAT I felt there should be very little difference in the way a patrol K9 team searches for a suspect verses when SWAT and K9’s search for a suspect. I discovered there were no K9 classes that taught these search tactics. So I designed CATS, which stands for CAnine Tactical School.

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  • Corporal Brad Smith
    West Covina Police Department (Retired)
  • Troy Caisey
    Boston Police Department, Massachusetts
  • Sergeant Jay Miller
    Santa Ana Police Department
  • Sergeant Pete Gallardo
    West Covina Police Department
  • Sergeant Lane Critser (Retired)
    Utah County Sheriff’s Department, Utah
  • Master Police Officer Jeff Barrett
    Lakeland Police Department, Florida
  • Officer Glen Anderson
    Rialto Police Department
  • Chris Deakin (Retired)
    Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department, Wisconsin

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